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Abstract—Peptic ulcer disease is a chronic disease of the gastrointestinal tract, mainly

Pyroptosis is a caspase-1 dependent programmed cell death, which is involved in the pathologic

There is a recognized association of Meniere’s disease (MD) and benign paroxysmal positional

Metabolic abnormality is one of the hallmarks of cancer cells, and limiting material supply is a

МОЛЕКУЛЯРНО-ГЕНЕТИЧЕСКИЙ АНАЛИЗ СЛУЧАЯ ЧАСТИЧНОЙ ДЕЛЕЦИИ Y-ХРОМОСОМЫ В СУДЕБНО-МЕДИЦИНСКОЙ ПРАКТИКЕ, локализованных соответственно на X- и Y-хромосомах. Представлен редкий случай экспертной практики, связанный с

A human corneal stroma induced pluripotent stem cell (HMUi001-A) line was created from primary

Neonatal mammalian heart maintains a transient regeneration capacity after birth, whereas

in gastric cancer patients underwent gastrectomy. Methods: A total of 4351 patients with gastric cancer

of epithelial malignancies. In oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC), αv integrin is a crucial mediator

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