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Комбинированный доступ в хирургии кист верхнечелюстной пазухи is the inferior meatus antrostomy. A possible solution to minimize the size of the antrostomy in the inferior

is described, a method for 3D modeling of the postpartum uterus is created, and the effectiveness of using

: The pharmacopoeial spectrophotometric procedures of inulin determination in the Russian Federation are approved in a

Efficiency of rehabilitation after stroke: A multifactor analysis

than that of Dibazol were found. A number of substances had hypoglycemic effects greater than those

Background J-waves represent a common finding in routine ECGs (5-6%) and are closely linked

This review provides an overview of polysaccharides as a multifaceted group of biologically active

followed by unloading is modeled under plane strain conditions. The chain model with a reduced number

is investigated. It is found that after processing by accumulative HPT, a stronger structure refinement takes

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