Publication date: 2020

DOI: 10.21668/health.risk/2020.2.06.eng


The article deals with a pressing issue in occupational medicine, namely, examining sudden deaths at workplaces caused by non-occupational diseases. It contains statistical data on sudden deaths of workers at their workplaces caused by non-occupational diseases in different economic entities operating in Bashkortostan; there are data on basic death causes revealed via forensic medical examinations; economic branches are ranked as per levels of risks related to sudden deaths at workplaces. We detected that 268 people died due to non-occupational diseases at enterprises located in Bashkortostan. Number of people who died due to non-occupational diseases at their workplaces increased from 36 to 42 % out of the whole number of people who died at their workplaces. Most frequently sudden deaths occurred among people aged 56-60, with long work experience and blue-collar occupations. Given that, we can assume that there were adverse factors related to working environment and labor process at their workplaces; those factors could produce certain effects on a body during the whole period of working and could aggravate risks of sudden death. Hidden cardiovascular pathology or a cardiovascular disease that has not been diagnosed while a worker was still alive is a major etiologic factor of a sudden cardiac death. Most common diseases that cause sudden deaths and risks groups have been determined, and it calls for the necessity to improve periodical medical examinations involving medical experts with necessary specializations and applying a wider range of diagnostic procedures. We have developed a program aimed at reducing risks of sudden deaths at a workplace caused by non-occupational diseases; the program includes a basic set of preventive activities aimed at preventing or reducing probability of a sudden death at a workplace.

Издатель: Федеральное бюджетное учреждение науки "Федеральный научный центр медико-профилактических технологий управления рисками здоровью населения" (Пермь)

Тип: Article