AIM: To analyze the results of diagnosis and treatment of combined echinococcosis. MATERIAL AND METHODS: The study included 51 children. 40 (78.4%) of them had combined lesion of liver and other organs, 29 - combined echinococcosis of liver and lungs. Echinococcosis of both lungs was observed in 14 children including lesion of liver in 6 cases. Combined echinococcosis of three organs was observed in 5 patients. RESULTS AND DISCUSSION: Combined echinococcosis in children was associated with uneven growth of parasitic cysts in various tissues. Small cysts were revealed in 15 (37.5%) out of 40 observations of combined lesion of liver and other organs. 7 patients underwent medical therapy for small cysts after previous surgery for medium and large cysts. Rapid growth of remained cysts occurred within 1-3 months between surgical stages. It may be often associated with complications related to remained cyst especially in case of both lungs echinococcosis. There were 6 (11.8%) postoperative complications in 51 patients with combined echinococcosis. Recurrence occurred in 2 (3.9%) children. Deaths were absent. CONCLUSION: Conservative therapy for small cysts provides 2-fold decrease of operations number and prevents recurrence of the disease. Reduced period between surgical stages up to 11±2 days prevents complications in case of both lungs echinococcosis.

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